Top 5 Reasons for Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

When an accident happens having your side of the story presented by a qualified personal injury attorney can make all the difference to the outcome of your case. Following are the top 5 advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer.

1) Higher Settlements
For better or worse, those who have their case presented by a qualified personal injury lawyer always seem to come out with a greater settlement. Even after deducting the costs of legal representation, the settlements are generally greater than can be hoped for without legal aid.

2) Trial Experience
Negotiations are always a first option, but if it comes to facing off an opposing party in front of a judge, your chances of obtaining a favorable outcome are greatly increased with the support of an experienced courtroom attorney who knows how to present your case in the best light.

3) No Win – No Charge
The contingency fee basis is typically employed by a reputable personal injury lawyer; this means that if your case is not successful, you will not be charged for the case. If you do win, you aren’t really being charged because the fees will be taken from the settlement.

4) Experienced Investigators
Cases like these can be flipped around on the tiniest speck of evidence, and we know who to talk to. Part of being a personal injury lawyer is knowing when to call in the expert investigators and authority opinions to create a believable account of the event from your perspective. Need some help with getting an insurance settlement? Personal injury lawyers have experience in this.

5) Objective Dispassion
The aftermath of an accident can be especially emotional. Anger, guilt and confusion can only make this legal debacle more serious. For this reason having a personal injury lawyer that can handle the situation from a clear perspective can keep you from doing or saying anything that will complicate matters further.

If these advantages seem attractive to you, contact The Law Offices of Michael Rabban. Our professional services can provide the representation you need for a favorable outcome.

Michael A. Rabban

In all personal injury cases it is important to have someone on your side who can sort through all the details and ensure that your rights are upheld. Dealing with insurance companies or other parties is part of the reality that follows an accident.

Our goal is to take on that burden so you can concentrate on recovering physically and mentally. You can count on us to handle your case aggressively while helping you heal. We will not charge you attorney’s fees unless we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

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