Who is Responsible in a Left-Hand Turn Accident?

According to figures posted by the DMV, there are more than 25.5 million licensed drivers making their ways through the intersections across the state of California. The chances of a left-hand turn accident are high and even higher for drivers in heavily populated areas with denser traffic.

There are so many ways that this type of accident can occur. Drivers can feel forced into the intersection as the traffic light turns red. Speeding motorists and those not paying full attention to their environment may make a small miscalculation and serious accidents happen.

The impact from a left-hand turn accident can result in serious injuries, vehicular damage and even wrongful death claims which can have serious and long term significance.

But, is the driver making the left hand turn always at fault?
As a general rule, the car making a left-hand turn is liable for collision with traffic driving straight through the intersection. There are some important exceptions to this otherwise automatic liability, these are:

  • The driver making a left-hand collides with a speeding motorist.
  • The driver making a left-hand collides with a motorist running a red light.
  • The driver began the left-hand turn when the maneuver was safe but was forced to stop or slow down due to an unexpected circumstance and was impacted by an oncoming motorist.

Section 21801 of the California Vehicle Code clearly says that a driver turning left must wait until they can clear the intersection safely before they make their way into the intersection. This important rule emphasizes the danger crossing lanes of traffic places on other vehicles and demands extra caution be taken.

For those involved in a left-hand turn accident, the damages always indicate who the guilty party is. This is where professional legal counsel can save you from serious repercussions and even award compensations for damages and injuries.   

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