Where Most Car Accidents Happen (And How To Avoid Them)

Although car accidents are rare, they happen every day. Certain areas are more accident prone than others, and extra caution should be taken when driving through those areas.

Car accidents usually happen when they are least expected, so it is helpful to know where the most common places accidents occur are, so you can take any necessary precautions to prevent them.

Parking Lots
With so many cars and people moving in and out of parking lots, the potential for an accident to occur is high. Whether it’s pulling out of a parking spot or driving through looking for one, there are plenty of different ways something can go wrong.

The key is to drive slow in parking lots to avoid accidents with both cars and pedestrians walking around the parking lot. With enough time to react, the probability of avoiding an accident are much higher than when you’re speeding through the parking lot.

Intersections and Traffic Lights
When it comes to intersections and traffic lights, the risk of car accidents are not only higher, but the potential severity is much higher as well. Because of the high speeds and changing lights, car accidents that happen in this area can be devastating.

In order to minimize the risk of accidents occuring, it is important to stay patient and be alert. It’s better to wait a few minutes longer rather than try to make a risky turn or try to pass a light when it is turning red.

In Your Own Neighborhood
Interestingly enough, car accidents are prone to happen within 5 minutes of your own home. Because drivers are more comfortable in this area, they tend to drive faster and pay less attention to their surroundings, resulting in more accidents.

It’s important to stay alert even when driving in familiar areas.

During Rush Hour Traffic
With so many stop and go’s, traffic presents many opportunities to make a mistake on the road. Whether during the morning commute or on the way back home after work, drivers can be preoccupied with their phone or stereo and be distracted from the road. This has the potential to cause serious injury and significant damage.

When driving in rush hour traffic, it’s always a good idea to leave enough room between you and the car ahead to allow enough reaction time to avoid dangerous situations while maneuvering through traffic.

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