How Long Does A Personal Injury Case Take To Resolve?

One of the most common questions we get asked during an initial consultation with a personal injury victim is “how long will it take to resolve my case?” They want to know how long it will take to reach a settlement or a verdict so they can use the money to pay for medical expenses and focus on recovering.

It’s difficult to give an exact estimate because it depends on many different variables and each case is different. There are some factors that can cause a case to take longer than expected to resolve.

The following are some factors that can cause a delay in your case:

Going To Trial
About 95% of personal injury cases are settled out of court. When a settlement is negotiated outside of the courtroom, the case is resolved much faster than going to trial. If your case ends up going to trial, it’s important to understand that receiving compensation can take months or even years from the time the trial begins.

Extensive Damages
The value of your claim can have a major impact on how long it takes to resolve your personal injury claim. The higher the value of your claim, the more closely the at-fault party’s insurance company will want to review the evidence and scrutinize your case in an attempt to find weaknesses that could potentially lower the value of your claim. The insurance adjuster may attempt to discredit the records or witness testimony in your case. If you’re seeking a lower amount of compensation, the insurance company is usually willing to work with you to resolve the case quickly.

Length of Recovery
Once you have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, or MMI, negotiations with the at-fault insurance provider can begin. Reaching MMI means that your doctor has determined that your condition should not be expected to improve any further in the future.

It is only possible to estimate the value of your claim once you have reached MMI and you have received adequate medical care for your condition. The longer it takes to reach MMI, the longer it will take to resolve your case.

Stalling Tactics
Insurance adjusters will try to use any tactic they can in an attempt to lower the compensation amount. They know that victims are eager to recover compensation in order to pay for their massive medical expenses or for their everyday life if they are not able to work because of the injury. Sometimes they will purposely try to delay the case by requesting documents or information repeatedly while giving you a low-ball offer.

They want to see if you’re willing to give in and accept a lower amount than you deserve. An experienced personal injury attorney is able to make sure to avoid this and resolve the case more quickly.

Complex Cases
While every case has its own set of specific circumstances, some cases tend to be more complex and complicated than others. Dealing with one insurance company can be hard enough, but if your case involves multiple insurance companies it becomes even more challenging.

Generally, complex cases involving multiple parties or multiple insurance companies will naturally take longer to resolve. The less complex your case is the faster it can come to resolution.

Disputes Over Liability
If the insurance adjuster is sure that their policyholder is at-fault, they will usually accept liability immediately. But if they have any doubt that their policyholder is to blame, they will look into the case further and going over evidence can be a time consuming process. If there is any dispute about who is at-fault it may result in delays in your case.

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