How To Choose The Right Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A number of important considerations have to go into choosing an attorney if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident. You need to make sure the attorney has a good network of doctors and other medical professionals that will be able to help you heal from your injuries and provide you with the treatments you need. You also need to think about the financials of your situation to ensure you’ll be compensated fairly for your accident claim. The attorney should be able to assess the likelihood of your success at trial and in negotiations with insurance companies. It’s important that you and your attorney’s personalities mesh, your goals are aligned, and you have an opportunity to achieve what’s important to you as the client. Your attorney should help and work with you on all of this.

Medical Treatment
An experienced motorcycle accident attorney should have a network of doctors and other medical professionals to which he or she can refer you to receive the medical treatments you need to support your healing and recovery. This is a very important aspect of choosing your attorney because you want to make sure the doctors that see you have experience with the types of injuries you’ve suffered. From chiropractors to medical doctors to MRI scans, your attorney should have the experience to guide you in the right direction to support your healing.

The important characteristics of a good financial decision in choosing an attorney are that everything be transparent, straightforward, direct, and honest. Your financial decisions are mostly going to come down to whether there are upfront fees or ongoing fees that will be owed to your attorney. If there are, make sure the terms are acceptable. Speak about the proposed agreements openly and get everything down on paper before you take any steps towards working together.

Likelihood of Success
Your attorney’s success or failure representing you will mostly come down to their reputation and their experience with your sort of case. Ask the attorneys how long they’ve been practicing this type of law, and whether they’ve represented other motorcycle accident victims in the past. Find out how long since they received a settlement and whether they have any past clients they can refer you to for a recommendation. If at any time you’re not comfortable, then you’re not being very well-represented. You should feel like you’re being heard and cared for.

Choosing a good motorcycle accident attorney can feel stressful, but try to stay patient while looking for the right one. You’re in the driver’s seat, so to speak. Make sure to do your due diligence and check the reputation of the lawyer online to make sure you’re making a good choice.

Michael A. Rabban

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