How Long will a Personal Injury Case take to Process?

One of the first things a personal injury lawsuit plaintiff will want to know is how long the entire process is going to take. This can be difficult to predict as there are no two personal injury cases that are exactly alike and the many specifics can greatly affect the time it takes to process.

A fairly straightforward workplace injury case may take as little as 6 months while a deeply intricate case involving medical malpractice can last years; this is because they often contain very complex particulars.

Importance of Preliminary Investigations of Personal Injury Cases
During the first year of the case, the injuries sustained by the victim are fully examined by their personal injury attorneys who will compile their initial legal assessment from their perspective and turn this over to the defense. The actual lawsuit may not even be filed at this time.

The physical condition of the claimant will be very important to the outcome of the case and fully understanding the doctor’s analysis of the injuries sustained is crucial for building a case. Aside from the injury there will also be pain and suffering and possible disabilities resulting from the injury that may not be apparent until much later.

Fully understanding the exact requirements to full recovery will help the claimant’s counsel draw up an accurate description of the damages suffered by the victim. This way they will be fully compensated for the injuries they have sustained.

Access to Injury Settlement Funds May Be Possible Earlier
Nevertheless, just because the whole process can take especially long, there is no reason that a claimant in need will not receive the funds they need beforehand. In today’s legal system, legal underwriters can help obtain advanced funds on an upcoming settlement with the help of litigation funding.

A careful evaluation of the case in question will reveal if this is an option available for your situation.

Final Notes
In the end it all comes down to the complexity and particulars of the case in question. But it will be important to the case as a whole that a correct medical prognosis is well-established and that the person or people suffering injuries are on their way to recovery. Otherwise, there may be a need for compensation and no way to include this in the case at a later date.

As you can see there are many details that affect the final outcome. For an expert in working out the finer points of a personal injury case, call The Law Offices of Michael Rabban and get help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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