Do Insurance Rates Always Increase After a Car Accident?

It is a common misconception that a car accident will automatically result in higher insurance premiums. This notion causes many drivers to avoid pursuing legal claims for fear their premiums will rise higher than they already are.

Nevertheless, calling your car accident lawyer for assistance is the best course of action in the wake of a traffic accident. Your legal professional will be able to explain the most important factors your policy adjusters will consider when adjusting your policy and help you find the most favorable outcome possible.

The following is an overview of three important considerations:

Driver’s History — Car insurance companies love safe drivers. This is because they make regular payments and don’t make any claims, which is wonderful for their bottom line. But an accident or two will not necessarily categorize a driver as “high-risk”. The policy adjusters will review the entire history of a driver before listing them as high-risk and possibly increasing their insurance rates.  There are plenty of low-risk drivers with a few citations and accidents on their record, but all in all they have a positive driving history, which is what really matters.

The Seriousness of the Accident – Insurance companies are presented with claims of all sizes and types. Some are as small as a smashed rear view mirror, other may involve personal injury and serious damages. The greater the damages, the more sizable the claim will be and the more likely the policy adjusters will be to increase insurance rates.

Whose Fault Was It? – If after the investigation is completed, your

car accident lawyer proves you are not at fault, there is little reason for the insurance providers to increase their rates. Even if you are making the claim because the driver at fault escaped the scene or because they were uninsured, your accident report will declare your innocence. By the same measure, if you are found at fault for driving while intoxicated or recklessly, it is quite likely you will see an increase in rates. Your policy may even be revoked altogether.   

Proposition 103, which was passed in California in 1988, “requires the ‘prior approval’ of California’s Department of Insurance before insurance companies can implement property and casualty insurance rates.”

There is no cut and dry law that guarantees an increase in insurance rates after a car accident. Having a reputable car accident lawyer to advise you on all your options after a car accident is the surest way to a favorable outcome.

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