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5 Things You Should NEVER Do After Getting into a Car Accident

Anyone who has been in a car accident can tell you it is a confusing moment. The greater the damages the greater the confusion.

But making smart choices in the immediate aftermath of a car accident is the only way to avoid scathing legal issues in the future. It is quite possible to incur misdemeanor and felony charges and face years of prison sentence. If nothing else you can reduce the likelihood of receiving car accident compensation for damages and injuries.

Following is a list of five things that can seriously complicate even the smallest traffic accidents and should be avoided. Drivers involved in an accident must…

  • Never apologize to the other driver – You may feel the urge to communicate your sincerest apologies for your part of the accident, but this is a bad idea. An apology or even a comment like “I wasn’t looking…” can be used against you. In California “comparative negligence” decides the outcome of a dispute and you can take a hefty share of the blame.
  • Never confront the other driver – Keep your cool and don’t start lecturing the other driver on traffic safety no matter how “right” you are. Losing your cool in the heat of the moment can ruin your plea for innocence in the long term, look to your personal safety and that of your passengers first.
  • Never leave the scene without documenting the encounter – Whip out your camera or smartphone and take as many pictures of your car, the other car, the conditions of the road around you and any other evidence related to the accident. This information will be essential in securing your car accident compensation.
  • Never forget to dial 911 – The injuries may seem minor or even non-existent, but this can be misleading. Emergency medical assistance may not be necessary, but a police report will play an important part in documenting the case. Don’t forget to ask the officer for the report number of your case.
  • Never forget the contact information – One of your to priorities should be getting the contact information of the other driver. Don’t leave the scene without the name, address, number, insurance provider and license plate number of the other driver involved in the accident.

Of course the best way to ensure you will be given a favorable ruling and the best shot at car accident compensation is to call up a legal professional experienced in traffic law. The Law Offices of Michael A. Rabban have experience in all types of personal injury cases, and can make the difference between a large settlement and a costly penalty.

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